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Medical Education Without Emigration

The ALMAZOV FOUNDATION OF NORTH AMERICA is a non-profit organization founded specifically to address the shortage of advanced level medical and surgical personnel in developing countries. The key problem is to educate specialists without causing them to emigrate from their home countries which need their services so badly. In short we provide education without causing emigration.


We are presently focused on the unique problem faced by the Russian people who have suffered a significant loss of advanced level specialists to developed nations medical systems.We are developing a model for training specialists in advanced level cardiac care and still remain in their home country, this has implications for the Northwest of Russia and all developing economies in need of advanced cardiac care. We organize short term focused clinical training experiences in North American centers for cardiac surgeons, interventional and diagnostic cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists and pediatric cardiac surgeons. These training visits are then followed up by coordinated missions of North American specialists who visit the trainees at their local hospitals. They operate, intervene, lecture and monitor the adoption of the advanced techniques in the trainee’s home environment.


Guilford CT, USA

St. Petersburg, USSR


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